Business Analyst by day and Podcaster by night - I'm passionate about Agility and believe that Innovation is a Habit that must be cultivated. This is what drives me to catalyse software products from concept to production for my clients and to host the EnterpriseJoy Podcast to educate organisations about values, principles, and practices that make them awesome places to work.

I've spent over a decade in the Agile Software Development space across multiple industry verticals & domains. During this time I've utilised the acronym SLICE to guide me through my experiments while assisting my teams in delivering non-negotiable high quality products in complex challenging environments.

I believe I've mastered the art of "Learning to Fail" which allows me to plan & take risks in order to improve products by leaps and bounds; this not only results in faster value realisation but also creates a dynamic & energetic environment for teams to drive their purpose.

Apart from my podcast, another ongoing experiment is to become an author; I'm an educator, a blogger, a bassist, and organiser of the Pune Business Agility Meet-up.

Vishal Prasad



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    EnterpriseJoy Podcast

    Educating Organisations to be Awesome!

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    The Experimentation Mindset



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