I'm a Product Strategist @ ThoughtWorks, BAM Founder @ Business Agility Institute, an Authorized Instructor for Agile Fundamentals, Agile Coaching, and Agile Testing @ ICAgile  and a Professional Scrum Trainer Candidate @ Scrum.org.

I'm passionate about Agility and believe that Innovation is a Habit that must be cultivated. I help catalyze Software Products from concept to production and provide visible results much sooner than when organisations work alone.

With a focus on technical practices, I assist organisations curate a culture of EnterpriseJoy that creates a state of Flow. I love to SLICE experiments with new tools & techniques and attempt to be as cross-functional as possible.

I'm an avid reader, a speaker, a blogger, a novice musician, a budding author, and an organizer of meetups at #PuneBAM.

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